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BULLET MEDIA: Firing Range Media (SBR/Aramid),
Ricochet / Acoustic Panels and Training Pit Mulches.

  • Four shells on a mirror to show all angles

We’d like to introduce you to a new bullet product on the market, which already is finding favor with police, military, and recreational ranges. “Amazing” and “revolutionary” are overused sales-puff words. But with this product … they apply. Read on:


Here’s some basic information which may help to explain these bullet traps: The media itself comprises chips of SBR rubber sheeting laminated with embedded Aramid fabric, a polyester-nylon blend similar to product used in bullet-proof vests. These sheets are cut into 3″ chips of random width and thickness. (SBR – styrene butadiene rubber, is used for its self sealing qualities. Aramid is an extremely tough bullet-resistant fabric.)

Using an engineering principle known as inelastic collision, the chips stop projectiles in mid-flight … no other system on the market can make that claim. The bullet begins deceleration when it hits the media chips at random angles. This forces a zig-zag trajectory. Within milliseconds, the shell is stopped dead in its track (from Remington 700 .223 to SSK-375, Glock-G24/g4 to 50-BMG (99mm) . . . within a 30″ media depth). Projectiles seldom reach the backstop or berm ramp. The media also traps stray bullet by-products (wild-shot ricochets, metallic dust, etc.) from approaching the shooters’ area, atmosphere, or ground.

See the video demo. Note: Shooter is firing into one model of his products, The Bullet Bunker™, a forensic steel-case bullet trap.

(Bullet Trap Media LLC sells the guts of the system – media and panels – for range construction or renewal.) The supersacks backstopped behind his trap contain our SBR/Aramid laminate chip media. The projectile is forced into an instantaneous zig-zag trajectory….stopping it cold within 30″ depth of the media.


We use rigid rubber paneling for ricochet- and acoustic-deadening, and for vertical-range Target Face/Containment Walls. Here’s how:

FOR VERTICAL RANGES (≈ +15° Lean-forward Steel Backstop): These innovative bullet traps – primarily designed for limited-depth indoor ranges – comprise a series of vertically-mounted rigid rubber face panels (4’x 8’x 3/4″) across the width of the range. Each panel weighs ≈152 lbs and serves both as target face and containment wall for the media stacked behind it. They are framed with 5mm U-channel aluminum to minimize ricochet hazard. The media is loaded between the panel-wall and the steel backstop, usually at a standard 8′ height and 30″ depth. These panels comprise the same material as the SBR/Aramid media. SBR rubber is used for its self-sealing quality, Aramid fiber for its unique bullet capture ability. When the panels eventually might show signs of wear, they can be replaced or upended in about 30 minutes.

For ricochet- and acoustic-cushioning surfaces, we use industrial conveyor belting panels affixed with epoxy to sidewalls and baffles. These panels deflect stray wild shots back into the media. (And the acoustic-deadening quality pleases the neighbors!) A thinner flexible paneling can be used to line ceilings.

FOR INDOOR BERM RANGES (≈ -15°>30° Lean-back Ramp): The media is loaded directly onto the berm ramp at about 24″ depth (30″sight-line). For indoor berm ranges we use industrial conveyor belting panels as well, for ricochet- and acoustic-deadening.


Impact on the media by continued shooting vibrates and gravitates the spent shells eventually downward through the media layer, making easy the remediation and metal recovery process. A simple shaker-screening process renders the valuable copper, lead, and steel shells into a catchpan under the screen. Virtually all media is clean and recovered – only losses are edge particles of rubber dust dislodged by captured shells. (Virtually NO metal dust, NO ricochet fragments, NO hazmat remediation necessary.) Replenishment and replacement rates stand far below any other bullet trap product on the market.

Here are samples from a recent remediation. As you can see, the rubber dust which the shells encounter has an abrasive polishing effect. These shells are .45 copper slugs and .223 hollow-point copper clads. The slight deflection you see on one of the .223’s probably was caused by its hitting a wood/steel hanging baffle, which in turn deflected the shell down into the media.

(Photography via an Olympus SP600-UZ (macro). Four shells on a mirror to show all angles, Click on image):

Four shells on a mirror to show all angles

Four shells on a mirror to show all angles


Our vendors include: Norwalk OH & Pittsburgh PA (trap media), Newcastle ME (paneling), Halethorpe MD (military training mulch), Donora PA (paneling), Galion OH (pure tread), Shippensburg PA (membrane material), West Bend WI (paneling), Vancouver BC (acoustic plates), San Tan Valley AZ (paneling), LifeSpring™/(proprietary brand), Aurora CO (remediation), Loctite/Hysol™ (epoxy adhesives), Savannah GA (pure tread), Tulare CA (paneling), and Nogales Mexico (soon).


SUITABILITY: Warranted by manufacturer as non-toxic, non-flammable (including the embedded Aramid fiber), non-ignitable under direct fire, and 100% wire-free. Appropriate for all firing range applications (excepting phosphorus tracer fire, wad-cutters, or shotgun patterning). Since by its nature, SBR/Aramid media is non-flammable and non-ignitable.
It needs no added flame supressants (Zinc Borate, Alumina trihydrate = ATH, Calcium Carbonate, etc).

  • For those ranges still wedded to HazMat remediation, we continue to sell standard range rubber – offroad pure tread nuggets.
  • We’re proud that 100% of our bullet media and panel products are North American-made, by skilled and well-paid U.S. and Canadian workers.

Bullet Trap Media LLC also provisions bullet rubber for obstacle courses, rappel towers and combat training pits. Business and club shoot houses, police breach-teams, correctional institutions, the US military, federal civilian agencies and their contractors number among our clients. We are a Federal civilian agency contractor, a US defense contractor, and a Virginia state and municipal contractor.

Bullet Trap Media LLC is a “Green Technology”company. We use synthetic self-sealing rubber combined with Aramid fibers — which otherwise would be discarded as cut-off scrap material. We re-purpose tons of salvage conveyor belting into ricochet/acoustic paneling — thus denying it to landfills. We use other industrial rubber scrap material for proprietary applications. Finally, our remediation partner company’s process combines a NO HazMat simple vacuum and shaker screen. Their system returns 96% of the cleaned trap media back into the range … over and over again. NO lead dust, NO deformed ricochets, NO mushroomed wild shots, NO shrapnel fragments.


Please Click on images for closeups. These are standard colors. Custom colors and Brigade mulch mixes also are available.

SBR/Aramid chips Camoflage Desert Tan Midnight Black Ricochet/Acoustic Panels Training Pit Mulches

Bullet Trap Live-Fire Demo

Shooter is testing one of his commercial bullet traps, The Bullet Bunker™, used by police and military for training, forensic investigations, and ammo analysis. He’s dumping everything but the kitchen sink into it: 5.56 (automatic), 30.06,12 gauge slugs, .300 Weatherby, .375 Mashburn, .460 Roland, .454 Cassul, 45-70 SSK, .338 Lapua, 7mm Remington, 5.56mm Nato (automatic), 9mm Glock (automatic), and 45 ACP (automatic pistol). Below are the spent shells collected from the same session. NO target-face damage, NO richochet fragments, NO metal dust, NO HazMat remediation required.

(We sell the guts of the system – the media and the panels — for range construction and renovation.) The chip media is cut from Aramid-embedded SBR rubber panel stock. In vertical firing range applications, the same material in panel form (4’x8’x3/4″) is used both as the target face and the containment wall for the chip media. The media is seen in supersacks in background, serving as backstop for errant machine gun shots.)

Video & Stills, courtesy The Bullet

Spent shells from the above firing session. Note their pristine condition. No Back-splatter, No ricochet fragments, No dust....No HazMat. Spent shells from the above firing session. Note their pristine condition. No Back-splatter, No ricochet fragments, No dust....No HazMat.
Spent Shells from the above firing session. Note their pristine condition.
NO Lead Dust, NO Ricochet Fragments, NO Back-Splatter … NO HazMat.

Shipping and Payment:

We quote prices per ton, FOB source. Please call us for lowest freight rate to your destination. The media is packaged and delivered in 2000 lb. supersacks (78″ tall, banded to standard 40″x48″ pallets).

VETERANS SPECIAL! Veterans, active-duty military, active-duty police, active-duty national security receive 7.5% off your bullet media purchases. Tell us about your last two outfits. . .

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For PayPal users: Please call us for your PayPal option.


(Virginia non-exempt residents only: 5.8% VA sales tax will be added upon order acceptance.) Please call us first (540-846-5198) for quotes for your specific needs and shipping… which often may even be lower than our posted prices.


Thanks for your visit, your interest … and your purchase!

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